The Undying Threat.

How to escape from an evil slaver base, part two

With success drawing close, 2 figures stand in their way

The droid is a menacing, large yet agile thing as it approaches down the side corridor, lit only by the light of its shield and its baleful red photoreceptors. Jaric Morandin races around the corner with his lightsaber ignited, placing himself as a barrier between Tal Eran and the threat. Jaric spots and with surprise recognises the droid as an old Jedi-Killer class Krath droid dating back to the Great Sith War and he calls out a warning to everyone. Tersha also runs around the corner to face the foe and as she does so, the droid opens fire with its Heavy AutoBlaster on its arm, hosing the corridor with blaster fire. Tersha manages to block the shots strafing her and though Jaric is hit, his mastery of the Force (specifically his Negate Energy power) means he is unscathed. The unarmed combat droid moves up to stand beside Tal and it watches the Krath droid for a moment. Fowmaral stands in the corridor behind the others and watches for weaknesses in the foe, as Saltika and the few armed prisoners start hurrying the crowd of former slaves up the main corridor. As they pass the side corridor where the fighting is taking place there is always the risk a stray blaster shot will hit someone, but it is the only way forward. Tal at this point throws a well aimed Ion grenade at the feet of the Krath Jedi-Killer and the blast weakens the shield and may have damaged the droid a little too, though it looks untouched externally.

Realising that this droid would be perfectly happy to stand back and blast the party (it does have a long cruelly serrated arm blade as well), Jaric does the Jedi Guardian thing and charges the foe, striking it with a quick blow that weakens its shield further and causing light damage. This close he sense the Krath Dark Side enchantments upon its armour and realises it will not be so easy to kill as other droids might be. Tal sends his droid forwards and it charges up at a brisk controlled pace before launching a flying kick that dents the chest armour of the Krath droid. Tersha and Fowmaral use Force Slam and Move object respectively against their foe, but whilst the Slams impact attack strikes the droid, the Move Object is resisted by the Krath enchantments and the strands of the Force unravel as they try to grab the machine. Fowmaral then starts using Ionise against it, with better results.

The battle is fierce, with Jaric being hit by a nasty blow that winds him, but the combined power of the Force from Tersha and Fowmaral, blaster and ripper fire from Tal and lightsaber strikes from Jaric see the droid on the verge of weary defeat, and the unarmed combat droid (who surely needs a designation by now) administers the fatal blow, punching its hand into the chest cavity of the Krath droid and pulling out its power supply. Beaten, the Jedi-Killer falls into a heap of metal and is no more.

Stopping for only few moments, Tal cleverly removed the processor of the droid and takes it along, thinking perhaps they can get some answers from it about what it is doing here. As the rag tag band of people move along the currently deserted back corridors they are now in, the tremors from explosions within and without the station indicate the increasingly perilous predicament all are in. T3-X2 chirps in from their ship, stating that there are internal explosions away from the space battle on the asteroids crust. He and the droid piloting Saltikas own ship are moving slowly and carefully away from the immediate battle zone, waiting for a good extraction point to be found. As it turns out, Harramis Datshara comes over the com and advises them that the large freight shuttle is prepped by him in a small side hangar within 250 metres of the party’s position, but he is currently in pursuit of the Sith Lord whom he caught sight of. He shall see them soon, but he suddenly advises them that he can’t talk right now, as the unmistakeable sound of lightsabers being ignited is heard from his end. Hoping that he shall be okay, they follow the schematics they have received from Harramis and T3; T3 and his counterpart aboard Saltikas ship are en route to the hidden hangar, and will be there soon. On the way they pass the bodies of 4 Thalassian slavers, all bearing the signs of lightsaber wounds and the question is raised “Who has done this?”.

The sound of blasters and battle can be heard over ahead as the come to a side service corridor leading into a large hangar with a large bulk shuttle being the only vessel still within it. It might not have light speed Tal thinks, but its large enough to get many slaves off the rapidly deteriorating station for now. Inside they see a number of Thalassians in cover trading shots with a group of varied thugs and criminals who are at the entrance of the shuttle trying to gain entrance. One of the villains is fiddling about with the access panel whilst his colleagues give him covering fire. Of more immediate concern, Jaric and Tersha see the 2 Sith Apprentices standing atop the shuttle some 15 metres from the hangar deck. The 2 figures have so far been merely watching the blasterfire below and waiting, and now it appears their waiting has paid off. The one in Sith Dark Powered Armour greets them, suggesting that the Jedi join them atop the one remaining vessel in the area to “talk”, before the 2 Sith start damaging the ship. Tal decides to leave the Jedi to it and coordinates with Saltika the attack against the 2 blaster wielding groups, as the Jedi look for ways to get to the top of the shuttle. Tal gets the ball rolling with a tossed Frag Grenade towards the Thalssians, but it falls short and explodes harmlessly. All foes miss it save one of the criminals at the shuttles entrance, who shouts a warning to his colleagues. It appears that a 2 pronged battle is about to start for the securing of the liberty shuttle; meanwhile…

In a power relay substation nearby…

With sheer drops and gangways all around this area, 2 figures stand on separate platforms regarding one another; one is a dark haired, dark robed and striking imperious human woman with Sith tattoos on her face and arms. Her dark eyes show hate and spite towards the one opposite her. Her lightsaber is as “red as a laigreks eye”, and though a little injured, she seems more than a capable foe. The other is a Jedi Knight Guardian, foe of all that is evil and cruel, and his blue bladed lightsaber stands as stark contrast to his opponents. His cool grey eyes return her gaze with no hint of fear or hate. With no words needing to be said between them, she raises her arm and Force Lighting ripples out from her fingers, as he leaps across the intervening divide between them, lightsaber held in High Ataru Form; so begins the last battle for at least one of them as Darth Xamax and Harramis Datshara clash in a lonely place…


With a good combination of attacking styles, Tal with blaster and grenade, Tersha with Force Slam, Jaric with his lightsaber, Robot with it’s close-in combat, and myself with Ionise, together we defeat the combat droid.

We hurry the escapees towards the loading bay and to the ship that will get us out of here before the whole place destructs. However, when we get there we find 2 of the Sith waiting for us. Better deal with them quickly…


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