The Undying Threat.

Leaving Padawan callowness behind

During the 3 day journey home in Hyperspace, the party divert themselves in various ways; Tal Eran and T3-X2 spend the time going over the memory core of the Krath droid they removed, and the Padawans Fowmaral, Tersha and Jaric Morandin spend the time trying to get through to the Force Sensitive girl they rescued from the Thalassians.

Tal and T3 manage to examine the undamaged sections and footage from the doid, and it charts a past of unrelenting violence and bleakness, from the droids first moments after activation (along with thousands of its fellows), through its battles and conflicts throughout the Great Sith War and afterwards, seeing it take part in the killings of countless innocents, soldiers and even Jedi. They did get some still images of its last mistress, who seemed to be a Krath Death Witch of some kind, but the identity for now of this Dark Side woman is unknown; all in all a sobering reminder of recent history.

The Padawans spend the 3 days trying to reach the girl, and as a combined effort of Fowmaral and Tersha speaking to the girl kindly and calmly, and Jaric providing meditative support, the girl opens up a little. Her name is Rainne, and her entire family have been killed, despite her warning them of visions of bad men coming. The Padawans note the dark core of anger and grief within the girl, and are concerned that even at a tender age, she could take the first faltering steps down a dark path. By the time they reach Arboa, the girls future is still uncertain.

They elect to land on a landing pad of the Praxeum (the better to mask the Senators childrens presence) and are met by Master Thom Echarn. He speaks first with Harramis Datshara, who gives quiet rare praise for the Padawans and even Tals conduct and actions. Master Thom asks the Padawans to seclude themselves in the Meditation Garden for 24 hours, as they will soon be raised to Knighthood and must commune with the Living Force.

Master Thom does tell them that he is pleased with them after Harramis’ praise, and he then takes care of the 3 children, with the Senators children being attended to by Jedi Healers (especially with the son who is still gravely ill from whatever the villain injected him with) and Master Thom leading Rainne away to talk to her.

Master Thom does ask Tal for a favour; he asks if Tal, when he goes to Corellia to get his ship repaired, can return with a special guest and his entourage. Tal agrees when he hears it is Senator Amireth Huren and a small retinue, for the Senator wishes to travel incognito to Arboa to secure his children.

The Padawans spend a time of fasting and contemplation as the Force reveals a little of their future; they all share a hazy vision of themselves, standing on the bridge of a ship, facing a dark shrouded figure with glasteel windows looking out onto a great space battle. All they know is that it is a number of years in the future, and all of them feel the weight of much struggle and hardship on themselves.

They are roused from their reverie and it is the next day with the sun just starting to rise, as they are led by a Padawan to the Solar of the Praxeum, where their family, friends and other Praxeum sit waiting quietly. Master Thom sits in the centre of the hall with 3 mats arrayed before thim. The 3 walk slowly to sit on the mats before him, and after some quiet words of welcome, their Master has them repeat after him the Jedi Code. The words echo around the hall from them, and at their end, Master Thom bids them rise up and stand as Jedi Knights. They are presented by some Padawans with their new Jedi Knight robes, and then they are congratulated by one and all.

After this, Tal says his congratulations and Bullacca his goodbyes, for the formidable wookiee warrior can stay his journey back to Kashyyk no longer; he will take up arms against the evil corporation that has enslaved his home. They all hope to meet again, but Bullacca is a wook on a mission. Tal and Bullacca depart aboard the Skylark (his official name for his ship), and in 6 hours are in the Corellian system.

Bullacca and Tal spend a few days securing a shipment of weapons and supplies that the wookiee can take back to his homeworld whilst the ship is in the dock being fixed, and then they say their goodbyes. Perhaps they shall meet again, but for now they shall walk separate paths.

Tal then spends the next week and a bit enjoying time to himself and also as the sometime guest of Brigadier General Welkin (the maternal Uncle of Kayla Pek, who they met during the battle of Iridonia when they were aiding her in her business against Gunseng; the Brigadier tells him a little of the war and what has happened to the 3rd Corellian Mechanized Infantry Regiment in that time since Iridonia. They are now under the command of the Jedi General Kelis Aranaka, one of Revans 2 most competent and close allies. The Brigadier cannot hide his admiration and respect for her and indeed the Jedi as a whole, for without them the war against the Mandalorians would have been lost by now.

Tal spends a good time on holiday, but when his ship is repaired he meets the Senator in the dock with his small retinue, and they depart. During the voyage to Arboa, he talks with the Senator of Sadukka about the Outer Rim homeworld and his people, and the Senator thanks Tal for his part in saving his children.

Meanwhile on Arboa, the new Jedi Knights spend some time getting used to their new status, as Harramis takes on a new Padawan. During this time, Jedi Healers establish that the boy child of Senator Huren was injected with a suppressant poison that kept the child ill but also suppressed his Force Sensitivity. The boy is now cured, but the nature of what ailed the child and why it was used raises more questions.

Fowmaral also finally manages to help Rainne expunge the darkness from her thoughts and soul in a cathartic conversation that frees the girl, and she finally agrees to be taken on as a youngling within the Praxeum.

When Tal arrives back with the Senator at the Praxeum, the politician and his children are reunited and the Jedi thanked the their part in the rescue. At this, Senator Huren then talks with Master Thom and the party about what his childrens abduction might mean.

That someone knew his son was Force Sensitive is assured, and that the children abducted and their death supposed to be assumed indicates it was not a mere assassination. It seems obvious that someone wanted the children taken alive, and the boy meant for others rather than the Sith at Myrkazor. Senator Huren knows that whilst Sadukka has a noble Force Tradition of the Samioi, there is also a Darkside cult called the Dark River; supposedly a myth, he has come to believe that this cult does exist and he feels perhaps their hand is within this matter. Be that as it may, he once again thanks the party for their help.

He then talks of politics on the rim, with his (and his King and Prime Ministers agreement) that closer ties to the Republic and indeed the Jedi would serve Sadukka, and he mentions that he shall try and move for both a Jedi Enclave and a Republic naval base be allowed within the Sadukkan system. He (and his people) find Master Thoms teachings of what it is to be a Jedi much more appealing than the mainstream (relationships and marriage being important to all Sadukkans), and he hopes that Master Thom can send some of his own Jedi to start the Enclave. Clearly, this is much to consider, but little is expected to happen for many months yet.

Until then, the various party members consider what they can do within that time…


Yes! The shackles of the Padawan robes have been lifted. Now we can make our own decisions and take responsibility for our actions.

The images revealed to me during contemplation show that an imposing foe lies ahead, and there is much to prepare for.

I am delighted that Raine has finally made the breakthrough to the light side, and am confident she will do well in her studies. The experience has left me wanting to help others achieve their potential. I think I may ask about helping train a Padawan…

Leaving Padawan callowness behind

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