• Jaric Morandin

    Jaric Morandin

    A Jedi of the Arboan Praxeum, Jaric has trained with Haramis for as long as he cares to remember. Short and wiry he is nevertheless a quick and agile opponent. Radiating a sense of calm self confidence and determination Jaric tries to live up to the Jedi
  • Bloodstar


    A bright red HK series droid with some clever additions. His finely modified weapons and unsettling precision give some hint to the danger he presents.
  • Captain Leontis Vaxxos

    Captain Leontis Vaxxos

    A man of medium height whose stocky build makes him seem shorter than he is. A bulldog like face and balding hair shaved short complete this pugnacious looking man.
  • Darth Crucier

    Darth Crucier

    A short slender human male, with cropped fair hair and unnaturally blue eyes. His Sith tattoos are along his jaw and around his mouth, and he moves like a serpent.
  • Darth Morgesh

    Darth Morgesh

    A tall powerful looking human male with shaved head and many Sith tattoos upon his scalp and cheeks. Wears heavy Sith Dark armour under his robes.
  • Darth Xamax

    Darth Xamax

    This human woman is slim and lean with long black hair and skin as white as alabaster. Her face and arms are covered in harsh Sith tattoos inked in black and red and she wears easy fitting Sith combat robes.
  • Gunseng


    Tall and lean, with dark hair falling to his shoulders, framing an angular handsome face. The easy smile on his face does not touch his eyes. His hand rests easily on the butt of his blaster.
  • Hana Lightfoot

    Hana Lightfoot

    Short and slender young human woman with short auburn hair and sharp but stunningly beautiful features. She wears her Padawan robes and lightsaber, but also has a utility belt around her waist.
  • Harramis Datshara

    Harramis Datshara

    Tall and lean human male, with greying brown hair, flowing moustache and hard grey eyes. Loose jedi robes, wielding a blue coloured lightsaber, an implacable foe of injustice and villainy.
  • Kayla Pek

    Kayla Pek

    Medium height and athletic, this red haired young woman is striking and eyecatching. A keen eye surveys her surroundings and when she concentrates she chews her lip and furrows her brow in a fetching manner.
  • Lyn Aretano

    Lyn Aretano

    A short slender Twi Lek girl with a magnificent figure and a smile shining from a face like a vision of perfection, this pink-red skinned girl looks like she has the galaxy by the tail. And she knows you know it.
  • Master Thom Echarn

    Master Thom Echarn

    Laughter lines around his brown eyes, his deeply tanned weatherbeaten face paying attention to what you say and do not say. His average height and build bely the strength you feel flowing from him. His Jedi Masters robes are worn loosely.
  • MDK-1


    Dark grey and faintly menacing, this heavily armed Sentinel Security droid exudes a quiet competence. The heavy repeater blaster and grenade launcher add to the effect
  • Meshara Raaril

    Meshara Raaril

    Athletic and lithe Cathar female with golden mane tied back into a ponytail and angular strong features.
  • Saltika


    Attractive in a tomboyish way with short bobbed red hair, hazel eyes and freckles across her cheeks and bridge of her nose. She has a wary swagger when she walks, and always looks poised for trouble.
  • Senator Amireth Huren

    Senator Amireth Huren

    Tall and aristocratic, with a purple hue to his skin and expressive black eyes in a shrewd and intelligent face. His hair is in the long Datsakkuni style. His clothing is in stylish taste and his walk is measured.
  • Sorcha Vardarrin

    Sorcha Vardarrin

    With long dark hair and dark eyes, this womans pale striking features stand out in the crowd, and her clothing is designed to accentuate her athletic frame. You are not reassured by her lightsaber she now reaches for, nor her fierce smile.
  • Sulan Thresk

    Sulan Thresk

    Tall broad shouldered Arcanian with strong muscles rippling under his pale skin. Long White hair and ageless face, and a stare you don't want to get on the wrong side of.
  • T3-X2


    A battered disreputable looking T3 model utility droid who seems to move quieter than a utility droid should
  • TK-1


    A modified HK chassis, this combat droid is slightly battered and obviously well used, but it moves with a smoothness of action that seems slightly different from other droids. It also seems somewhat menacing.
  • Xiola Blu

    Xiola Blu

    Short and slim young teenage woman with a pleasant heart shaped face, short light brown hair and brown eyes.