Harramis Datshara

Tall and lean human male, with greying brown hair, flowing moustache and hard grey eyes. Loose jedi robes, wielding a blue coloured lightsaber, an implacable foe of injustice and villainy.


Harramis likes to be press the attack when in battle, leaping into the heart of a throng of foes and scattering them all with his skills.


Harramis Datshara is a Jedi Knight of the Arboa Praxeum, and one of the most dedicated Guardians that Praxeum has produced. Born of a spacefaring merchant family, his strong force connection was spotted by the then Jedi Knight Thom Echarn, who would go on to found the Arboan Praxeum. He was taken on as Thom’s first Padawan, and since then he has been the strong second of the school, with a more field oriented method of teaching. A master of Ataru and Juyo lightsaber forms, he is an agile and aggressive combatant against those compel him to raise his lightsaber, and he is also an adept unarmed combat practitioner.

His main goals at this point in his life is to train Padawans to his high standards, and represent the Jedi cause at all times. He sympathises with the Revanchist stance and disapproves of the Council’s non interference policy, but he feels that too many causes and people who suffer fall between the cracks of the great conflict, and focuses on the lot of the downtrodden and the oppressed. He is especially opposed to slavery, and never passes up a chance to thwart it’s supporters.

Harramis Datshara

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