A bright red HK series droid with some clever additions. His finely modified weapons and unsettling precision give some hint to the danger he presents.


Bloodstar has been rebuilt and heavily modified by the technical savant Lyn Aretano. Known functions are Phrik Alloy inserts for his improved Durasteel armour (protecting against lightsabers), inbuilt stealth field generator and energy shield (DR15), inbuilt jetpack and likely other tricks too.

His abilities are well balanced and good for all occasions, for he is dangerous in melee and is especially dangerous in ranged combat with his lethal assault blaster rifle packing a punch. His greatest threat is his ability to out think any opponent and use whatever is around to achieve his ends. His reputation is well deserved as one of the most accomplished bounty hunters active.

His own ship is a heavily modified (surprise) Star Saber fighter, also coloured blood red. He’s dangerous in that too.


Bloodstar is an ally and one might say friend to Lyn Aretano, and he owes everything he is and his actual existence to her work and time. She is always amenable to making modifications and tweaks to his functionality, and this endears her to him no end. He has a healthy respect for Sulan Thresk as she is an ally by extension, and he uses the Middle Finger as a base of ops when idle. He is practical and can be ruthless, but not cruel for cruelties sake. It’s a number game to him after all.


The Undying Threat. AndyGlen