Captain Leontis Vaxxos

A man of medium height whose stocky build makes him seem shorter than he is. A bulldog like face and balding hair shaved short complete this pugnacious looking man.


Captain (though actually acting Rear Admiral) Leontis Vaxxos is a career Republic Naval Officer in robust middle years. A proud Corellian (and actually a friend to the Welkin family as well), he is a growing legend within the Navy for his forthright views and very steady competence. He always has a cigar in hand (often unlit but after battle smoking away) and his strutting walk lends him the appearance of a bulldog. His beady hard stare of a gaze also carries attention, and whilst not being many peoples idea of handsome, he has a degree of bullish charisma that builds confidence in his peers and crew.

A cunning tactician and strict but fair disciplinarian, he is revered by those under his command and likes to lead from the front in all things where possible. A very skilled pilot (he spent several years as both pilot and then Squadron leader) and a lethal shot with his engraved and customised Heavy Blaster pistol, he also wears his fathers vibroblade at his side most of the time as you never know.

In crunch terms, he is 15th level, breaking down as 3 levels of noble, 4 levels of soldier, 3 levels of Ace Pilot and 5 levels of Officer.

He is proud of his Corellian heritage and seems to epitomise some of the best (and rarely worse) traits of that planets inhabitants.


Serving since 16, Leontis has went from Ensign Graduate of the Coruscant Naval Academy and served in every role and position within the Republic Navy until his now elevation to Rear Admiral ( a currently Brevet rank but very likely to be made full and unconditional after the Sadukka mission). He is seen as one of the new breed of aggressive and bold breed of Admirals that the Navy has been crying out for, and few who know him and of his exploits would care to disagree.

The Vaxxos and Welkin families are well known to one another and are counted as great friends, and this has allowed the wily old Spacedog to secure the posting of Kayla Pek who he believes is a stellar officer in the making. He courts no favours but he does reward and applaud diligence, chutzpah and above all results; this is the reason why the supremely competent and bold Kayla has risen to Lieutenant quickly and why she is being watched for greater things by both the Admiral and other Naval parties.

He is a keen collector of sculpture and art in general, and is greatly looking forward to the Sadukkan posting and assignment as a chance to see and acquire some new pieces. He is also fond of a drop of good Corellian brandy and a cigar as well, but then again who isn’t?

Captain Leontis Vaxxos

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