Darth Crucier

A short slender human male, with cropped fair hair and unnaturally blue eyes. His Sith tattoos are along his jaw and around his mouth, and he moves like a serpent.


His speed is amazing and his red double bladed lightsaber whirls and spins with dizzying skill and quickness. A much more subtle combatant than his rival and ally Darth Morgesh. He prefers to use a mixture of melee combat coupled with his Hatred power when within it to wear down his foes when up close, though he isn’t too proud to resort to Force Lightning and Force Scream to level the playing field if it turns tricky for him.


Taken as a slave at a very early age by Darth Treach, all he has ever known is his Sith upbringing and its harshness and brutality combined with his strong connection to the Force has made him a dangerous and irredeemable foe of the Light. He took great pleasure in assisting Darth Xamax in slaying Darth Treach and now is her lover, right hand and likely successor/threat.

Darth Crucier

The Undying Threat. AndyGlen