Darth Xamax

This human woman is slim and lean with long black hair and skin as white as alabaster. Her face and arms are covered in harsh Sith tattoos inked in black and red and she wears easy fitting Sith combat robes.


Fights with a single red bladed lightsaber, using fast striking blows to swarm her enemies, and resorting to force lightning and other Dark side related powers.


Darth Xamax leads a Sith diaspora hidden within the Outer Rim, and has recently become a Dark Lord of the Sith. She travels on her Derriphan class ship avoiding undue scrutiny and from time to time she stops in a Myrkzor station to acquire new slaves and keep an eye out for likely recruits for her cause, with Force Sensitives given a choice to serve or die and ruthless yet capable non sensitives that she thinks would serve well as foot troops (with a little “modification” as it were). Ruthless, heartless, evil and proud about sums her up. No surprises there then.

Darth Xamax

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