Tall and lean, with dark hair falling to his shoulders, framing an angular handsome face. The easy smile on his face does not touch his eyes. His hand rests easily on the butt of his blaster.


Gunseng (nobody knows any other name he has than that) first appeared on the smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa as a gun for hire and general mischief maker. He fell in with the crowd that followed Kayla Pek’s parents, some years before she was born. Initially a friend of Drannis, Isara and Sulan Thresk, he shared the dangers with them and the others aboard their ship called The Wily Prospect. In time, he began to form an attachment to and infatuation with Isara Welkin (not unusual as her wit, intelligence and great beauty provoked those sort of reactions from many she met, including Sulan). It was only a friendship to Isara as she was in love with Drannis, so shortly after Kayla was born Gunseng decided to do something about it. The group were all gathered for Isaras birthday, and Gunseng used an Arcanian developed poison in Drannis’ drink to try and kill Drannis and frame Sulan for it. Unfortunately Isara and Drannis swapped drinks in their round the table banter and Gunseng watched Isara quickly gulp some of Drannis’ drink. Her death was not quick, taking several minutes, as a panic stricken Drannis amongst others tried to save her. Her death fragmented the team as accusation and then violence broke out, with tests showing the Arcanian poison in Isara’s blood, and blame falling to Sulan.

Sulan himself loved Isara, but for her intelligence and was happy to have her friendship (and she played a mean game of Dejarik), so her death hit him very hard especially when he was blamed for her killing by Drannis and Gunseng.

Drannis and Gunseng parted company shortly afterwards as Gunseng felt stuck in Drannis’ shadow, and he found he could not look at Drannis without feeling the loss of Isara. Since those days he has worked hard to become a gangster and leader of people, and this resulted in his becoming a boss in The Exchange. His rise in this was also abetted by his falling in with the Renegade Jedi Sorcha Vardarrin and her subsequent relationship with him. Using his now familiar pattern of manipulation and social engineering, he made her fall in love with him and this hastened her fall to the Dark Side.

Now, he seeks to gain more power and revenge himself on the people he feels have thwarted his plans and growth. This includes the PC’s and Sulan Thresks organisation. He also has another motivation, and this is the capturing of Kayla, who is the spitting image of Isara.


The Undying Threat. AndyGlen