Hana Lightfoot

Short and slender young human woman with short auburn hair and sharp but stunningly beautiful features. She wears her Padawan robes and lightsaber, but also has a utility belt around her waist.


A young Scoundrel turned Force User, Hana has the skillset and mindset of a Nar Shadaan rogue, but a new path lies before her. She is a useful shot with a blaster and a clever hand at Computer Use. Still getting used to lightsaber combat but shows promise. Clever and winning in conversation, she may yet become a competent Jedi.


Once a teenaged street slicer from Nar Shadaa, her Force Sensitivity was noticed by Sorcha, who had her abducted and forcibly inducted into her Dark Side trainees. Hana hated this and when the opportunity presented itself she aided the party in rescuing Kayla Pek from the Dark Academy of Sorcha and fleeing with them. Since then she has joined the Arboan Praxeum and has now been taken on as Harramis’ next Padawan. She has promise is the view, if she can control and master her more Scoundrel like tendencies.

Hana Lightfoot

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