Jaric Morandin

A Jedi of the Arboan Praxeum, Jaric has trained with Haramis for as long as he cares to remember. Short and wiry he is nevertheless a quick and agile opponent. Radiating a sense of calm self confidence and determination Jaric tries to live up to the Jedi


A Jedi Knight Guardian, Jaric relies on powers that get him up close and personal with the least fuss. He relies on his speed and agility in a fight to keep out of trouble and incase any Sith turn up he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Even when hurt, with the Force flowing through him, Jaric can quickly recover and remain effective.

Dex 19 Wis 17 Cha 16

Elusive Target, Equilibrium and Atarru light sabre form.

Rapid Strike, light sabre finesse, focus and specialisation. Powerful charge.

Surge x 2 , Battle strike, Move object, Negate energy x 2, Sever force, Vital transfer, rebuke, sabre swarm x 2 and Unhindered charge.

Evil and Tyranny beware, there is no hiding place, the Force is my ally.


Jaric looks up to Haramis and it shows in the way he conducts himself when away from the school.
He is not afraid to get involved in conflict if it seems the right thing to do. His comrades may think he is rash when he charges into combat, but Jaric knows someone has to get the enemies attention. There is no Death there is only the Force.

Jaric Morandin

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