Kayla Pek

Medium height and athletic, this red haired young woman is striking and eyecatching. A keen eye surveys her surroundings and when she concentrates she chews her lip and furrows her brow in a fetching manner.



Medium height and athletic build, Kayla is a formidable young woman just turning 20, and has managed to make it to Lieutenant within her first year of graduating from the Naval Academy on Coruscant.

She has become an exceptional pilot and leader, and her superiors all look to her doings with great interest (if her heroics thus far are anything to go by).

She typically flies a fighter or commands a droid transporter depending on mission requirements, and she throws her Chela class heavy fighter around the skies with consummate skill and elan.


Kayla was born aboard a starship, the daughter of the notorious Gangster Drannis Pek and his wife Isara Welken ( of the wealthy and influential Corellian Welken family). Kayla was raised from ship to ship by her father after the tragic death of her mother when she was young. Eventually Drannis set up his base in Junkers City on the moon Ruigers Landing, orbiting the gas giant Tamol 3 in the Expansion Region. No shrinking violet nor spoilt gangsters brat, Kayla had a sharp intellect and passionate interest in learning and exploration, and she spent many happy hours attended by a personal security droid designated KKS-1P, climbing the mountains and traversing the deserts of Ruigers Landing. She has an avid interest in antiquities and history, and was quite self sufficient and independently minded by the time she was 17.

Tamol 3 and Ruigers Landing had little offer the galaxy other than it was secondary refuelling and refitting station for the Republic Navy and had a maximum security prison. Little to draw attention, but that little was enough for a large Mandalorian fleet to strike deep into Republic territory on a new offensive. The Praetorian Class frigates and station defenses were hopelessly outgunned in the ensuing attack, and soon the inhabitants of Ruigers Landing saw Shaadlar dropships heading for the surface.

Kayla first encounters the crew when she is visiting a local archaeological site investigating some very old ruins, and her father hires the party (their shuttle shot down by Mandalorian fighters shortly before the main attack) to save his daughter when the Mandalorian assault begins.

The ruins are austere, well hidden and project a profound feeling of unease and evil, and it is here the party encounter both Kayla and the archaeologists (from a well known Coruscant University). During everyone taking refuge inside the ruins when a Mandalorian scout force land nearby, a large sarcophagus with words loosely translated as ancient Sith is disturbed and a large black field of Dark side energy is freed and flies up through the roof.

On translating the words on the sarcophagus and the images on the walls, the archaeologists reveal that the words state

“Rot here in impotent rage, plague me no more, let your spectral screams echo, where none may hear, you are my private trophy, none shall know you, none shall hear you, none shall fear you, so say I, Ajunta Pall”

They also discover that the tomb is more a prison for someone or something called Thalib Vuschaka, a very old Sith name.

On their escape from the ruins, they shoot a mandalorian scout, and the dark force emerges from the rapidly corrupting body, and flies away. They establish quickly that the force has now taken over another mandalorian and fled in the unfortunates fighter. With a nagging feeling of unease the party flee to Junkers City, fleeing through the city and avoiding mandalorians and the local Hutt’s henchmen but unable to rendezvous with Drannis, and instead flying off in the Dynamic class freighter that Drannis has left as payment for their saving his daughter, one step ahead of the Mandalorians and heading to Nar Shaddaa via Tatooine due to incomplete navigation charts.

After a close run escape from a mysterious blood red heavily armed droid, the party and Kayla flee to Nar Shaddaa, but to a horrific discovery, that Drannis has been murdered by an old rival of his called Gunseng, a vicious and amoral gunfighter and his ally/lover Sorcha, a fallen Jedi.

From that moment on Kayla has become a friend, ally and valued member of the crew.

Kayla Pek

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