Master Thom Echarn

Laughter lines around his brown eyes, his deeply tanned weatherbeaten face paying attention to what you say and do not say. His average height and build bely the strength you feel flowing from him. His Jedi Masters robes are worn loosely.


Jedi 7, Jedi Knight 5, Jedi Master 4.


Thom Echarn is something of an enigma to the galaxy at large and the Jedi Council in particular. Born many years previously on Dantooine, he studied at the school there under several master before becoming a Jedi Knight, but since then he has found his own calling from The Living Force, and has turned his back on several core tenets of established Jedi thinking as taught to him, principally attachments and artificial rules to control a Jedi. He has travelled extensively since his Jedi Trials and is now regarded as something of a loose cannon and Grey Jedi by some of the more reactionary Council Members and peers he has. He fought the Sith and the Krath with keen and balanced dedication in The Great Sith War, and much of what he experienced in that conflict has shaped his views on the way a Jedi should behave. He especially learned much from serving alongside the legendary Jedi Knight Lahto Argyrus, in letting the Living Force guide you and your actions and not the distilled words of dogmatised rote learning.

He has married and has a daughter, something that has offended the sensibilities of more conservative Masters, but in his own words “To deny your emotions and run from them is to deny yourself the strength to master them. We live, we move through life and we form attachments to others, and to pretend otherwise is itself an act of fear”.

The Jedi Praxeum on Arboa was set up by Thom and Harramis Datshara to teach a different interpretation for what being a Jedi could be, and has become an important part of the Arboan culture. At last census the Academy had 5 Jedi Knights, about 16 Padawans and a number of younglings, largely made up of humans with a scattering of Duro, Twi Lek and Ithorian amongst them. The Ithorian Herdship in orbit around Arboa as part of the terraforming initiative is also on good terms with the Academy.Recently, 1 Jedi Knight and 3 Padawans were allowed to depart to take part in the Revanchist war effort after a visit from Alek Squinquargesimus and Kelis Aranaka of the Jedi Revanchist movement. True to his beliefs, Thom allowed them to speak to his students and faculty to allow them to listen to the Force and what it told them, but only 4 of his people leaving told him much about the conflict, and has given him much to ponder.

Master Thom Echarn

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