Meshara Raaril

Athletic and lithe Cathar female with golden mane tied back into a ponytail and angular strong features.


A Cathar of one of the subspecies, Meshara is a striking figure in anyones opinion, having the Cathar catlike movement and a very light covering of tawny fur. Her incisors are pronounced and her eyes an amber colour that blink slowly and steadily despite what else is going on.

She wears a light and functional flight suit when out and about (more pockets is ALWAYS good) and is customarily armed with a customised blaster carbine and a similarly customised blaster pistol; she has a survival knife but only for its utility, as her retractable claws and her Cathar Martial Arts skills more than serve to protect her in close combat.

She is a skilled pilot, and has more than a passing knowledge of Mechanics and Computers, and in her time as a mercenary she has also become trained in Treat Injury; in short she is self reliant, talented in many areas and very competent.


Seeing her family die in the fighting on the Cathar Homeworld against the Mandalorians has had a profound effect on this young womans life, as she hates Mandalorians with a passion and has until recently fought them in a self motivated war of revenge; the only thing that has swayed her from a path of hate is a chance meeting with a Human Jedi called Patarik who saved her from one of her more reckless self imposed missions. He managed to show her the ways her path would end up, and since then she has roamed the galaxy as a Bounty Hunter/Scout for hire.

The other event of note is her recently winning a VERY high stakes game of Sabaac that involved Tal Eran, and in this she acquired a %25 stake in his ship the Skylark. As a (minority) co owner she has exercised her right to travel in the vessel and make sure her part of the property is safe. Since then she and Tal are still trying to work around the complications of his losing a part of his ship, but it’s still early days.

She has the best traits of the Cathar and some of the worst, with passionate loyalty to friends and allies and a strong sense of personal honour. She also has a ferocious temper that she rarely loses, but woe betide anyone who triggers it.

She has a lot of time for T3-X2 and finds his plucky cheek very entertaining. She has a great deal of respect for Jedi, given that they now fight the Mandalorians and also helped set her on a path away from relentless revenge, though she finds it hard to pass up a chance to cause problems for them when the opportunity presents itself.

She loves her race and feels automatically protective and loyal towards any Cathars she meets, and she is quite generous and open to aiding the underdog when she is able.

Meshara Raaril

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