Attractive in a tomboyish way with short bobbed red hair, hazel eyes and freckles across her cheeks and bridge of her nose. She has a wary swagger when she walks, and always looks poised for trouble.


Too pretty to be average but not too pretty to cause jaws to drop, Saltika falls into a comfortable level of pretty anonymity. She wears a light armoured flight suit that does a better job of protecting her than it does of showing off her physique, and she has a heavy blaster pistol at her side. She also has an old combat vibroknife in a boot scabbard.

She is a very skilled pilot but also a decent bounty hunter but with a twist; she locates people who have gone missing and are being sought by loved ones rather than the usual kind who locates those who don’t wish to be found. A good shot with her blaster and more than able to defend herself in close combat, her best weapon is her clever approach to problems and solving them.


She’s not saying anything on this for now; she’s coy like that.


The Undying Threat. AndyGlen