Senator Amireth Huren

Tall and aristocratic, with a purple hue to his skin and expressive black eyes in a shrewd and intelligent face. His hair is in the long Datsakkuni style. His clothing is in stylish taste and his walk is measured.


Tall and well built, Amireth is a member of the Noble Huren Dynasty from Sadukka and one of the most high profile Datsakunni known of. A former soldier and officer in the Sadukkan Defence Forces, he is a formidable leader and a proud defender of his home system within the Senate. A skilled pilot, armsman and politician, he is one of the more admirable Senators.


A Senator for the last 6 years, Amireth Huren is highly regarded within his home system and his vigorous voice on the Senate floor has caught the eye of a number of other Rim Worlds, for his exceptional intellect and personal charisma make for an ingenious and charming orator. A keen supporter of the Republic, he is a firm advocate for a greater role for Sadukka in the war effort for he has heard first hand from refugees of the atrocities committed by Mandalorian aggression.

He loves his wife and children very much and whilst being a pious believer in the old ways of his ancestors he is open to new concepts that enrich Sadukka, from new forms of art to refugees being welcomed to join the rich society he so dearly regards.

His main allies are the current Prime Minister Kadira Moygart (a Human woman and leader of the Stone Petal party) and the King Sedarik the Sixth. His chief rivals are the various members of the ultra conservative Argent River political bloc and their leader Kylar Medig (human male and from one of the richest Noble Houses of Sadukka). They believe in secession from the Republic and are firmly against the war and indeed any for of outside influence in the Sadukka system.

Very interested in art and endlessly curious about other cultures, Senator Huren is a good example of the good that can occasionally be achieved through politics.

Senator Amireth Huren

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