Sulan Thresk

Tall broad shouldered Arcanian with strong muscles rippling under his pale skin. Long White hair and ageless face, and a stare you don't want to get on the wrong side of.


A gangster? Maybe. A pirate? Definitely. Dangerous? Undoubtedly. Evil? Nah. Sulan is the scion of an Arcanian BioCorp company, and in no way follows his family’s work. After many scrapes in his earlier years where he made enemies, good friends, lost good friends and more, he now runs one of the most secretive and efficient smuggling and piracy operations outside the Exchange or the Hutts (and is roundly hated by them both). It’s all run from his flagship, a stolen and converted Praetorian frigate renamed The Middle Finger, but many people call him boss and all revere him as a man who can “get things done”. He has an honor guard of wookiees he rescued from a czerka slaving ship (czerka hate him too, notice the pattern developing) who have all sworn a life debt to him, and he always free’s any slaves he encounters, including the twi lek savant Lyn Aretano.

His hatred for Gunseng knows no limits due to Gunsengs killing of Isara Pek nee Welkin and the framing of him for the deed (which lost him a good friend in Drannis). He feels a light obligation to assist and look out for Kayla Pek, but his first loyalty is to his crew of people who follow him. For a man wanted by the Republic for many larcenous pursuits (including one Praetorian frigate), 3 prices on his head by The Hutts, The Exchange and Czerka Corp, he sleeps pretty good.

Sulan Thresk

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