Xiola Blu

Short and slim young teenage woman with a pleasant heart shaped face, short light brown hair and brown eyes.


Clad in her Padawan robes and a lightsaber hanging from her waist, this young woman looks like the very image of a young Padawan Jedi, but her manner is poised, patient and watchful. She moves with an economy of movement rare in the young and keen understated intelligence and common sense behind her brown eyes and between her ears.


A native of Arboa and daughter of a minor farming family, Xiola is the toast of her small farming community for being a Padawan, and her being the apprentice to the notable Consular Fowmaral enhances the sense of pride her family and friends feel. For her part she is glad they are happy, but their sense of pride rarely filters into her thoughts as she is determined to be the best Jedi she can be. She is glad to be the Padawan of Fowmaral, for he is highly regarded in the Arboan Praxeum; she hopes to learn much from him.

Xiola Blu

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