A small world in the colonies regions of the Galaxy, it is eight tenths water and the rest is several varying landmasses. Whilst it had breathable atmosphere, its land was quite arid and barren, though the flora and fauna in its great oceans are very diverse. It was settled by a mixture of Human, Twi-lek and Duro colonists some 120 years initially, but within the last 30 years an Ithorian Herd ship called Blue Beyond has been in orbit, aiding in a landforming exercise to improve the agricultural qualities of the soil, with promising results. The main landmass is a small continent called Vatarra, and here is where the vast majority of the 200,000 population of the planet resides (about 170,000, with the other 30,000 scattered throughout various hab units on the other landmasses and also in underwater plants and settlements given over to researching the sea life and making use of its bounty.

Vatarra City is the capital of Arboa; it numbers 20,000 people and is ruled by a council elected amongst the adults of all species. The council is led by a First Minister, currently a Duro called Kom Marduggi; he is a sensible, affable and wise leader who takes his responsibilities seriously, and should Arboa ever become an official world deserving of a Senator in the Republic Senate, he is likely the one to be it. The population on Vatarra is very rural, for there is good farmland aplenty due to the efforts of the Ithorians; indeed, some Ithorians have permanently settled on the planet as well. The various races live well together and a strong honest community spirit is in evidence, with very low crime rates and a great degree of civic pride exhibited in the clean streets of the urban areas.

The world is self sufficient in food terms and is even able to export some of its surplus to trade for the things it cannot easily come by, such as mechanical parts and industrial machinery. Some money is also made from offworld scientific concerns who are allowed to study and examine the rich biodiverse oceans and sealife.

The spaceport facilities are in Port Komatra, and are average in terms of parts availability and docking bay security, with average refuelling and mechanic availability. Restocking facilities are by contrast superior given the plentiful foodstuffs available.

There is no official defence force as such, though an informal militia is in evidence. The militia is a lightly armed and equipped force, numbering about 10,000 various sentients. There are several starships of varying sizes (no bigger than colossal freighters at the most) that could be compelled to aid in defence, but there is also a small band of old obsolete snubfighters present, largely piloted by a small clan of Duro spacers who also run one of the better shuttle haulage firms working the planet. The last and perhaps best defence comes from the small Jedi Praxeum under the watchful eye of Master Thom Echarn; his small Academy takes an active interest in aiding the local authorities, and a number of younglings and padawans have come from the families who have settled here. The Jedi Council may have a poor and dismissive view of the supposed “Grey Jedi”, but the charismatic Master and his school are very well regarded by the locals, and Jedi here are not feared by the locals as a result of his schools benevolent presence.

In general, Arboa is an out of the way backwoods colony, but the people who live here prefer it that way. Of note is the fact that the Jedi Tersha, Fowmaral and Jaric Morandin are all natives of the colony, and call the place home.


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