The Undying Threat.

How to escape from an evil slaver base, part three

A close run lightsaber duel and a blaster fight later...

The 2 Sith atop the shuttle move back from the edge and out of sight; Tal Eran, Saltika and the close combat droid get behind some cover (which is strewn all over the flight deck of the hanger and is constantly being added to by falling debris) as the 3 jedi padawans start the task of getting to the top of the shuttle. Fowmaral moves quickly to a moveable loading platform nearby as Jaric Morandin runs forward and with a mighty Surge of the Force clears the 5 metre height to the port wing/engine nascelle. Most impressive. Tersha moves forward to stand on the platform with the ithorian consular as they start to move the platform forward, with its repulsors elevating the platform as it trundles forwards.

During this, Tal shoots one of the Thalassians engaging the criminals and moves forward, telling the wary thugs that if they don;t want to be fighting a battle on two fronts they had best join forces against the thalassians. The persuasive words sway the thugs (for now) and Tal reaches an accord with them. Saltika and the droid move up; as she starts blasting away at the slavers, the droid (having no ranged weapon) keeps a wary eye for treachery from the thugs. The freed slaves remain in the comparative safety of the corridor, watching as the heroes try to secure their means of escape. Great explosions can be distantly felt in shockwaves throughout all this, as it seems the stations destruction is starting to accelerate.

Jaric starts to slowly climb an external service ladder that leads from the wing to the top of the shuttle, but gives a hand to his colleagues by using the Force (Move Object) to lift the loader with his friends on it off the ground and up, greatly increasing their rate of ascent. At this point he sees what looks like an important part of the sensor array come flying off the top of the shuttle, looking like it has been hacked off with a lightsaber. Fowmaral and Tersha are in moments level with the top of the shuttle and step off onto it, seeing the 2 Sith figures standing on the middle section of the shuttle watching them. The large powered armour figure of Darth Morgesh seems to have been the one doing the damage to the sensor array, whilst the unarmoured but somehow more threatening figure of Darth Crucier merely watches. Both Sith sabers are lit, with Crucier slowly twirling his 2 bladed weapon and Morgesh idly cutting scars on the shuttle hull. Battle is imminent.

Morgesh moves forward slowly , standing a little aways from his “ally”, awaiting for someone to do something. Tersha charges forward with her sabre raised, and then the Sith strikes, with a powerful blast of Force Lighting that strikes her, causing great pain and damage. She continues her charge, albeit somewhat winded and staggered (2 steps down the condition track and some HP damage there), and unleashes a ferocious strike with her sabre, somewhat guided by the Force (Destiny Point). Her blow powers past Morgesh’s own Blocking sabre and strikes him, dealing a grievous injury and staggering him. His smug self assurance is shaken for a brief moment. Fowmaral also charges and manages to effect a good strike too, causing more harm to the armoured Sith. At this point Jaric reaches the top of the shuttle and confronts the waiting figure of Crucier and he almost succeeds in his using his Force Sever power, though the powerful Sith only just manages to Rebuke it. The lithe form of the Sith seems to glide forwards and prepares to do something it seems.

Meanwhile down below, Tal and Saltika start to make the difference in the blasterfight standoff with the Thalassians, as Tals dual wielded blaster fire drops one of the slavers and Saltika manages to wound one. Not easy for either given the cover that the slavers have. The thug at the keypad for the shuttle doors struggles on but seems to be having no luck at all beating the mechanism. Tal’s droid (which he decides at long last to designate as TK-1) merely watches with what one could almost call seething discipline as it is almost hoping that the thugs try something.

On the shuttle roof with the Force Wielders, Morgesh and Crucier try different things to swing the initiative back to themselves, as the power armoured figure draws on his Dark Rage power to greatly enhance his combat potential and Crucier draws upon his almost limitless Hatred to send out continuous waves of Dark Side energy to damage all in the area. Morgesh strikes ferociously at Tersha, wounding her greatly and staggering her badly. With the power of the Dark Side flowing freely through him, Morgesh seems almost reinvigorated and on the verge of killing the Miralukan, when, wounded as she is and suffering from the waves of power coming from Crucier, she strikes a powerful scything blow into Morgesh, cutting him in half from collarbone to waist. He tumbles to the shuttle roof in 2 parts, though the battle is still far from over. All of the padawans have now felt (and suffered) the waves of Hatred from Crucier and Jaric strikes fiercely at his Sith opponent to try and stop this ferocious onslaught. His own blow is powerful and devastating as he wounds the Sith badly and interrupts his concentration on the evil powers he is emitting.

Tal and Saltika are making steady progress in defeating the thalassians, and their accuracy has dropped another foe. Both are mindful that time is fast running out, and they both realise that this hangar is rapidly becoming too dangerous and unstable to allow their own ships to come enter, and so redouble their efforts in trying to clear away the vile slavers.

Crucier, angered by his injury and his power being halted, unleashes a powerful Force Scream that debilitates and harms the padawans, apart from Fowmaral who skilfully Rebukes the Scream, sending it back to the Sith who catches some of his own medicine. In moments Crucier is battling all 3 Padawans, but his danger doesn’t seem diminished at all, as he unleashes Force Lightning forst into Fowmaral and then into Jaric. Both are badly injured and reeling from this onslaught and though Jaric ripostes with another staggering blow, the Sith seems almost unbeatable. About this time, a colossal explosion nearby causes great rumblings under foot; sounds and feels like something important has happened one might say.

Badly injured, staggered and in great pain, Tersha focuses for a moment and feels the serenity of the Force within her, as she strikes a focused and unstoppable blow with her lightsaber past the spinning 2 bladed lightsaber of Crucier, ramming her saber into his chest, incinerating his black heart. He has a look of surprise for a fleeting moment before death takes him, and at last, with defeat so close for all of them, the fearsome Sith falls dead. At this time, Tal and Saltika kill the last of the thalassians, removing the last of the immediate threats in the vicinity. The victorious and yet badly wounded Jedi join up with them, and if the criminals had thought of being treacherous before, Tals warning (backed up by the words from TK1 of " I would wish you killed but my master graciously allows you to live") and the appearance of 3 jedi rmove any such ideas from their minds. With time running out, Tal manages to beat the encryption on the shuttle locks and the boarding ramp lowers. The criminals are disarmed at Tals orders by TK1 and the armed Rodians as the slaves are all ushered aboard as quickly as they can. At this point Harramis Datshara appears at the far side of the hangar (from where the great explosion was felt moments earlier), and manages to stagger aboard as he is greatly injured and ashed faced, for his left arm is broken and he seems on the verge of collapse. All he says for now is that Darth Xamax has been defeated, but that it was far from easy or straightforward.

With debris and wreckage raining down in the hangar now and the explosions gathering, Tal (with Saltika copiloting) starts the engines up and prepares fro departure. Fowmaral heals Harramis as best he can with a Force Transfer before sitting behind Tal to give wise advice. The shuttle smoothly takes off and flows with skill and precision from the hangar, and rendezvous’ with Tals Ship and the ship of Saltika; however, things are far from done now, for they must now venture into a chaotic space battle taking place in a whirling asteroid field with an exploding space station behind them, aboard a lumbering bulk shuttle with no weapons, badly damaged sensors and weak shields. They may have some small protection from the ships riding escort, but they are still in perilous danger; now is the time for Tal to draw upon all his piloting experience and skills, for without them, they all may end up being spaced…


Well, that was a close one. Those guys were tough, but the power of the light side shone through. We got our tactics right, taking on the guy in the power armour first as we knew we could hit him! We put him down quickly! Then we all ganged up on the other one. He was very powerful, but we held fast and trusted that the Force would see us through.

Now to get this ship full of refugees out of here, without taking too much damage…


A difficult fight indeed, but the Force was our ally (ropey dice rolls not withstanding).
What right minded Jedi can stand aside and let the Dark Side hold sway, some evils have to be faced even though the task seems hard. I had faith in my Jedi comrades, Darth Morgesh was no match for them and, I only had to hold Darth Crucier up and give him something to think about. He may have been full of hatred but all I saw was fear when I nearly cut him off from the Force!

Time to test Tals’ no small skill as a pilot with this lumbering brute of a shuttle…


That was a tough fight with the Sith, but the light side of the force saw us prevail, a couple of times I thought my number was up, but if that was the will of the force then so be it. Now to get out of here!


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