Lyn Aretano

A short slender Twi Lek girl with a magnificent figure and a smile shining from a face like a vision of perfection, this pink-red skinned girl looks like she has the galaxy by the tail. And she knows you know it.


Lyn was born on Ryloth in a poor and struggling clan. Always a pretty girl, and then a beautiful young woman, it was sadly inevitable that she ended up being sold to a slaving gang and would have ended up as another twi lek dancing girl had her ship not been taken en route for Nar Shaddaa by The Middle Finger (the notorious pirate Sulan Thresk’s ship). As was his wont, Thresk freed the slaves and offered those who wished it a place in his organisation. Lyn, ever the realist jumped at the opportunity and signed on. Her beauty and spirit attracted Thresk, but not as much as her formidable intellect impressed him, and they became lovers for a time. In that time Lyn surprised herself and others by discovering an amazing talent for electronics and mechanics, from droids to starship design and beyond. Thresk was ever the opportunist and provided her funds and time to pursue her talents, and the upgrades she made and created for The Middle Finger as time passed greatly assisted Thresks operations. In that time she also created 3 things that would change her life forever. The first was her own ship she named The Unbounded Dream that she designed from scratch (incorporating an efficient cloaking mechanism and extensive workshops). The second was the refitting and tinkering with an old abandoned HK series droid she found in a czerka scrapyard that she “visited” with Thresk. This droid has become over time a free thinking and highly efficient bounty hunter/assassin named Bloodstar and is utterly devoted to her as a friend and ally (she is always upgrading and improving his functionality for which he is thankful). The final thing she created was another droid she designated Pet 1, a remodelled T-1 bulk loader droid that she “upgraded”. Pet is faster, heavily armed and also possessed of a heuristic instead of a basic processor. Pet is her bodyguard and general assistant, and has the personality and temperament of a protective younger brother.

Lyn now assists Sulan in his enterprises and also occasionally assists Bloodstar in bounty hunting work, using a technical and efficient method of capturing her target. Lyn and Thresk are no longer lovers (he tries not to date his employees) but are great friends, and still play Dejarik whenever there’s a spare moment.

Lyn Aretano

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