A modified HK chassis, this combat droid is slightly battered and obviously well used, but it moves with a smoothness of action that seems slightly different from other droids. It also seems somewhat menacing.


TK-1 is the new designation of this droid, and an apt one. It carries no ranged weapons, and instead its programming seems to be almost entirely in close combat. It is watchful, more than willing to engage in battle and a very dangerous combatant. It also exudes an aura of menace a few degrees of magnitude beyond most other combat droids the party have encountered, the only droid more dangerous seeming is Bloodstar, but then again that is no failing.

Physically it is in a dull battered grey colouring and lacking in any obvious flash, but this only seems to make its low key air of menace and watchfulness all the more ominous.


Picked up in an out of the way droid store in a dingy bazaar, Tal bought the droid to add to his retinue of droids, and alongside MDK-1 it helps keep an impersonal and sometimes cruel world a little further away from him. It does not say anything of its past, but it seems to have advanced training in the martial arts, especially Teras Kasi. Which is nice.


The Undying Threat. AndyGlen